Monday, November 17, 2008

Israeli Dances

After asking how I am in Belgium, most of my friends demand me if I have already started dancing. The answer is YES.

There are several Israeli Folk Dance groups in Belgium, and I have started dancing in a very good one, although a little bit smaller than the ones I used to dance in São Paulo and Montréal ( it sounds like Baryshnikov talking , isn't it ? , rssssss ). Roselien is a very good teacher, updated, and has an interesting site .

People coming to Montréal are sometimes confused about talking in French and English at the same time; but as you can see in this site - here in Brussels is trilingual - Flemish(Dutch) , French and English ! Although it seems that most of the dancers in the region are not Jewish, they know all the steps and dance names in Hebrew.

They have many marathons and seminars in Belgium, Holland and France - I will soon be joining them, but as you can see in these images - it is not too easy to understand these flyers.

By the way, here as some photos from my
dancing farewell party in Montreal :

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missing info in my profile

My friend Yasha has reminded me about an important information that was missing in my profile : I am a big fan of Santos F.C. - still, the most known Brazilian soccer team in the world.

By the way, Ruth, my beloved mother-in-law, gave me a wonderful gift some months ago. She works with the restoration of paintings and maps, and was invited by Pelé to assess his art collection. She got a picture with Pelé and I won my special autograph.

Lately, I tried to follow the Canadiens hockey team from Montréal - but they didn't go far away with my support. Let's see what happens with the local Anderlecht soccer team. Its sponsor is the FORTIS bank, that was "rescued" lately by BNP Paribas.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are here already for 8 days , and I did not publish the blog yet. So let's start telling what happened already.

Noemi had already rented a house when she had come here one month ago. Last Sunday, we had a meeting with the landlord to sign a document called "état de lieu" that lists all the equipments in the house. It is our responsibility to check all the small problems and include them in this contract. The house is in very good shape and has a beautiful garden in the back . But, has a very unusual space distribution: the two main rooms are in the first floor, and the living room with an adjacent kitchen in the second floor. In the third floor , just beneath the ceiling, there is an additional room that will be used as an office. This uncommon arrangement makes us always climb the stairs in the wrong direction, unless we give a good thought before moving.

Forgot to tell that we are not living in this house yet; we are staying in an apart-hotel until the container with our furniture and personal belongings arrives here.

As you have noticed, we have enough space to host our good friends - hope to see you soon "chez nous". You can have a glimpse of our beautiful neighbourhood clicking on

Microsoft Maps Live

Our home is the third from right at Avenue Louis Jasmin. In my opinion, this Bird's eye image is the best available tool for satellite images. Click on the circular arrows and get a view from the four directions.

Feel free to comment "estas mal traçadas linhas".

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Noemi and I have just moved from Montreal to Brussels !

This is a good reason to start my own blog, hoping to keep in touch with my old friends from Brazil and Israel, as well as new ones from Canada. This is an interesting multicultural community with different languages, religions and interests.

Although my English is far from perfect, this is the only language than can be read by most of my friends. I apologize for my simple style, and ask my daughter Vivian to contribute not only with her comments in the blog, but also with some "text improvements" - as she always did.

At first, this space will be used to tell about my new experiences here; however, I hope to be able to have postings about daily issues that were always been discussed with my friends. Please feel free to write about the last movie, book or event that have always provoked interesting chats between us. Portuguese, Hebrew and French are also accepted - Flemish not yet :-)