Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are here already for 8 days , and I did not publish the blog yet. So let's start telling what happened already.

Noemi had already rented a house when she had come here one month ago. Last Sunday, we had a meeting with the landlord to sign a document called "état de lieu" that lists all the equipments in the house. It is our responsibility to check all the small problems and include them in this contract. The house is in very good shape and has a beautiful garden in the back . But, has a very unusual space distribution: the two main rooms are in the first floor, and the living room with an adjacent kitchen in the second floor. In the third floor , just beneath the ceiling, there is an additional room that will be used as an office. This uncommon arrangement makes us always climb the stairs in the wrong direction, unless we give a good thought before moving.

Forgot to tell that we are not living in this house yet; we are staying in an apart-hotel until the container with our furniture and personal belongings arrives here.

As you have noticed, we have enough space to host our good friends - hope to see you soon "chez nous". You can have a glimpse of our beautiful neighbourhood clicking on

Microsoft Maps Live

Our home is the third from right at Avenue Louis Jasmin. In my opinion, this Bird's eye image is the best available tool for satellite images. Click on the circular arrows and get a view from the four directions.

Feel free to comment "estas mal traçadas linhas".


robert said...

My dear Rubens,
I’m so glad to hear from you and your family. It seems that you are enjoying being an international globetrotter. As I understood Yair will be married and that is great news because you and Noemi must be expecting to be grandfather and mother…heheheheheh
Keep me posted and best wishes to all

ruth solon said...

Rubens e Noemi,
Que linda sua casa!Um bom começo na Bélgica.Beijos de Ruth

Elizalde said...

Grande Rubão!
What a coincidence! Just few days ago I met Aylton (your former coleague # Dialdata) in a flight from Brasilia to São Paulo and we spent a great time talking about you and the old times on ICONet and Dialdata, fulling aroung with roaming over RADIUS... Long long time ago, ins't it?
After talking a while over you, we wondered where would be. I thought you were in Montreal yet, but what a great surprise when I receive your message about the blog.
I'm happy that you are facing a new challenge moving again to a new country. I suppose this mean that Noemi is moving up on her carreer. Congrats for both of you!

You know, I've recently started a blog myself, too. It is called ( and it is dedicated to my new hobby: running. I hope you have time to check it out soon.

At my professional side, I'm still at iG running We're doing great. BTW, how about registering a domain for your blog? :-)

Be happy, Rubens!!

Good luck in Brussels.

Best regards,

Lorenzo Madrid said...


Welcome to the websphere. Your blog were long time due.

My blog has become a kind of therapy and a great place to record and write down ideas.

I am sure you will enjoy doing this, as I am doing mine.

Best wishes


levikann said...

No e Mau,

um blog em inglês vem atestar que vocês viraram cidadãos do mundo mesmo!

Depois das crônicas de Montreal, teremos agora as de Bruxelas e Europa, já na forma de blog. Muito bom!

Boa sorte nesta nova fase.

um abraço

Tatiana said...

Estamos felizes e tristes com vcs aí!
Adoramos a ideia do blog, isso vai ajudá-los a nao repetir as histórias e ao mesmo tempo de nós curtirmos essa nova vida junto com vcs!!
Somos muito gratos a tudo q vcs fizeram para nos ajudar aqui. Muito Obrigada! Nao temos o tel. da Vivian, mas SEMPRE q ela precisar , sabe q estamos a disposicao.
Parabéns! Tudo de bom e obrigada!
Tulio, Tatiana, Nicole e Breno

suzanne said...

Cher Ruben,

tu nous manques beaucoup. Ta bonhumeur et ta gentillesse n'étaient pas au rendez-vous lundi dernier... J'espère que vous passez du bon temps en Belgique. C'est un pays si beau rempli d'histoire! Continue de donner de tes nouvelles et faite attention à vous.


nrribeiro said...

Você, como um cidadão do mundo, deve estar vivendo experiências diversas e momentos muito felizes. E que grande história de vida está sendo escrita. Boas novas te peguem aí na Bélgica e muitos beijos de boa sorte.