Monday, November 17, 2008

Israeli Dances

After asking how I am in Belgium, most of my friends demand me if I have already started dancing. The answer is YES.

There are several Israeli Folk Dance groups in Belgium, and I have started dancing in a very good one, although a little bit smaller than the ones I used to dance in São Paulo and Montréal ( it sounds like Baryshnikov talking , isn't it ? , rssssss ). Roselien is a very good teacher, updated, and has an interesting site .

People coming to Montréal are sometimes confused about talking in French and English at the same time; but as you can see in this site - here in Brussels is trilingual - Flemish(Dutch) , French and English ! Although it seems that most of the dancers in the region are not Jewish, they know all the steps and dance names in Hebrew.

They have many marathons and seminars in Belgium, Holland and France - I will soon be joining them, but as you can see in these images - it is not too easy to understand these flyers.

By the way, here as some photos from my
dancing farewell party in Montreal :


Lorenzo Madrid said...

Is this a rehearsal for the main role of the "Fiddler in the Roof"?


Anonymous said...

Hey Lorenzo

I am the guy in that picture. You have a problem with me? When are you coming to Canada to settle it with me?

Ariel said...

Hi Reubens

Yesterday we came back from Hilulim dance camp. I think 20 people went from Montreal. Its still the best dance camp in the East.


Frida said...

Ahá! Sabia que você não tardaria em achar rikudei-am. Nós aqui já entramos de férias :(
Quando quiser que eu traduza os folhetos das atividades, é só mandar a passagem tá?
Adamá ve Shamaim já ensinaram aí? É o grande hit aqui.

beijão, behatzlachá e boas danças