Thursday, January 17, 2013

Japanese Sanitary Vases

The subject of today's post is the Sanitary Vase, or in Portuguese "privada".

In  our apart-hotel room the sanitary vase is separated from the shower or the hand basin and  toilet cabinets.This dedicated space is very common in Europe, North America and also in Japan - but not at all  in Brazil. Having "some" spare time and decided to enlighten my readers, I searched the Internet for an answer with no success. Only found some hotel reviews in Brazil where some people complained about this segregation. Can someone solve this mystery by adding answers in the "Comments" link  at the bottom of this post page?

Waiting for some answers,let's return in the meantime to my Japanese sanitary vase -take a look at it! Do you notice any difference from the one you have at your place?

There are two electronic boxes close to it for commanding this sophisticated equipment.

You find this box hanging on the wall allowing you to:

- Turn On this "functionality". If you are a true Latin macho you can refrain yourself from using this Japanese piece of technology.
- Water Jet:  The big blue painted buttons allow you to program the water jet operation. You can select between  a concentrated or soft ( funny word....)  water jet directed to your buttocks (well, not exactly the buttocks, but.... )
- Bidet: Women can enable this additional feature
- Arrow buttons:  You can adjust the water pressure,and the position of the water jet 
using these buttons.
- Jet Move: You can make the jet move back and forth automatically around your rear.
- Massage: This is the strangest function - you can make the shower spray alternatively stronger and weaker water jets!  Usually the biggest   "shock" or  "surprise" (depends in your past experience with colonoscopy  or other similar recurrent acts ) is at the beginning of the jet stream. By selecting this option you can multiply this pleasure multiple times.
- Air: After completing the water phase, you can have a hot air stream flowing pleasantly at your bottom. Unfortunately, this model does not come with an oscillating air jet. However, using this functionality reminded me of the air jet equipments that are now installed in public toilets for replacing paper towels - at the end you need to dry your hands in your trousers ( just kidding....).

The other control box allows you to:  
- Set the temperature of the water
- Set the temperature of the seat 
- Set the temperature of the air
- Enable the deodorant - I did not find any difference in the room smell after a good dump (sorry about it.....)

Hope that you will enjoy reading this text as much as I had while testing it. :-)

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