Saturday, January 12, 2013

Moving to Japan

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After an interval of more than 4 years, I am resuming my blogger activity as requested by  many friends.  When we first moved to Montreal, I sent through a mail list several impressions of my experience of living in Canada, but after a few months I did not find additional material to write about. When  we later moved to Brussels, I started this blog that had a very short life - only 4 posts. I feel this time that I can entertain my friends for a longer period  on  how we are coping with this new life in Japan.

So let's start!  My wife Noemi after working in Brussels for 4 years was offered a temporary position in Danone Japan.The plan is stay here for one year.

We feel very lucky about this opportunity of knowing a completely different culture. Fortunately, the company is taking care of the financial issues,so we are now living in an apart hotel in a nice neighborhood, Akasaka, in Tokyo.

Noemi is very excited about her new position and is enjoying this new challenge in her career. I liked very much our stay in Brussels, and could continue living there despite its nasty weather ( don't worry, this is one of the few subjects that all Belgians agree upon ). Nevertheless, I am already enjoying discovering this new place and hoping to share my experiences with you.

Tokyo is a huge modern metropolis and in a clear day you can see Mount Fuji from a high building. I did not have this chance yet, but I have seen it above the clouds when our plane was landing - unfortunately, I did not get this picture.

Anyway, I am writing again ! You are invited to comment and/or disagree of my positions - in any language.

See you soon,

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